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Impotence Treatment (Erectile Dysfunction Treatment) 


Sexual impotence or erectile dysfunction is a medical term to tell a man is incapable to obtain a valid erection or unable to maintain it. In short, a man has impotent when he is unable to penetrate and satisfy his female partner. This condition should not be taken for aphanisis which is a lack of sexual desire. This is one of the worst or very uncomfortable positions a man can find himself. Regardless medical or alternative, a treatment is a MUST.  

Impotence Treatment 

Impotence treatment requires identification of the causes. Most men treated for erectile dysfunction are able to have a satisfactory sex. To do this, the cause of the malfunction and risk factors must be identified by a doctor and avoided by the patient. 

If an underlying disease is the primary causes of the impotence, it will be treated first, and then an appropriate treatment for the erectile dysfunction will be assessed. If the dysfunction is not connected to a specific health problem, treatment may include improved lifestyle, cognitive-behavioral or consulting a sexologist and, sometimes, taking medication. 

Cognitive -Behavioral Therapy - This therapeutic approach helps to explore and understand the problem by analyzing the thoughts, expectations and beliefs of the patient toward sexuality.
These thoughts can have big influences on erection of a man: bad experiences in life, social or family problems, past erectile dysfunction, etc. For example, a man may fear that his sex life stops with age, and believe any failure to have a firm erection is a sign of permanent impotence. He may think that his wife will break up with him for that very reason and feel panic. Consulting a psychologist or sex therapist familiar with this issue can greatly help. 

Impotence Drugs
- Sildenafil (Viagra®) and other PDE -5 proven to help fighting erectile dysfunction. Since late 1990s, the most popular impotence treatment is without a doubt oral administration of inhibitors of phosphodiesterase type 5 ( PDE -5): sildenafil (Viagra®), vardenafil (Levitra ®) and tadalafil ( Cialis®) - a class of prescription drugs that have the effect of relaxing the muscles of the penile arteries . These medications work by increasing blood flow and helps erection when there is sexual stimulation. Thus the PDE -5 are not aphrodisiacs; sexual stimulation is needed for the drug to start working. These drugs are effective in 70% of cases but are less in case of chronic disease such as diabetes. Unfortunately, these drugs are associated with side effects which make certain patients go for natural or alternative impotence treatment. 

Intra-urethral treatment -
In cases where the PDE -5 are ineffective or when their use is cons - indicated, the doctor may prescribe vasoactive substances (alprostadil for instance) that the patient learns to manage himself in the penis twenty minutes before sexual activity. These drugs are sometimes administered in the form of mini-suppositories to insert in the meatus. Some men give up on this treatment because of the difficulties of administration. 

Penile Injection Therapy -
This prescription treatment available since the early 1980s; it consists of injecting a drug (alprostadil) to the base or side of the penis. These drug works by relaxing the muscles of the penile arteries, which increases blood flow in 5-20 minutes. The rigidity is attained even in the absence of sexual stimulation and lasts about 1 hour. Although unpopular because of its mode of administration, this treatment is still effective in 85 % of men. It is a most effective solution for men who do not respond to taking these medication in tablet form: Sildenafil (Viagra ®) or Cialis®, and Levitra®.   

Testosterone - If erectile dysfunction is caused by hypogonadism, so that the production of sex hormones by the testes is low, hormone testosterone therapy may be considered. 

Penile Implants - When previous treatments do not work or are not appropriate, a penile implant will be used.
Thus, the vacuum pump, also known as vacuum, creates a vacuum in a cylinder placed around the penis, which causes a maintained erection by an elastic ring placed at the base of the penis. There are also various types of penile implants that require surgical intervention to permanently implant inflatable flexible rods in the penis.